Never feel isolated in ministry again!

Build relationships, build your ministry, and build Christ’s kingdom together with A.R.M.I. by your side!

The Vision

Reach as far and deep with the Gospel as possible, with special emphasis on God’s unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith.

The Mission

Our purpose is to equip ministers for success through relationships, community, and resources through Andrew Wommack Ministries.




Lisa M. (A.R.M.I. Conference Attendant)

It is an honor to be affiliated with such an excellent organization. A.R.M.I (The Association of Related Ministries International) is an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries. We are a group of like minded ministers that come together for fellowship, support and training.

Diane Penner (A.R.M.I. Conference Attendant)

I have had the opportunity to attend two ARMI events in the past two years, and have been extremely blessed both times The teachings apply to an avenue of topics in order to enhance personal lives, business/professions, and ministry. I encourage anyone to be part of an ARMI conference.

Ryan Miguel Evangelist (iGO Ignite Global Outreach)

As an Evangelist who travels to Africa I was not sure sure how the United We Stand Vicrory Summit would apply to me. What I encountered were new friendships in ministry, powerful and anointed teaching as well as excellent praise and worship. As a bonus I discovered I can enroll in the ARMI Continuing Education Program! I enthusiastically recommend ARMI events to all ministers as a place of growth and unity of purpose. Together We Win!

Patty Avila (A.R.M.I. Regional Advocate, Arizona)

A.R.M.I. is mindful of the energy you expend in your position so we commit to praying in agreement with you so that you fly the distance and soaring victory.

Joe Watson (A.R.M.I. Area Advocate, Arizona)

Last year was my first ARMI conference. All of the conferences that I have attended connected with Andrew Wommack have been truly an experience but I had never helped put one on before. I praise God for bringing so many that received His Word from ministers that knew what they were going through. Let's see what happens this time, I'm excited!.

Jenny Matherly (A.R.M.I. Conference Attendant)

My experience at the 2022 ARMI Victory Summit Conference was amazing! As a volunteer, I was so blessed to hear so much encouraging words and testimonies from experienced ministers. The Holy Spirit's Presence was so powerfully manifested during the whole conference, and the worship services were thrilling! During the prayer times, I was so awed at how tenderly He ministered to all the pastors and ministers, and especially when all the women in ministry were prayed over by Audrey and Becky. It was truly beautiful, and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of an exciting time with my brothers and sisters in Christ.